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Monday, October 15, 2012


Three years ago on this day I sprang my sweet Beau out of solitary confinement in dog jail. It was one of the best days of my life, and undoubtedly the best one of his.  I will never forget seeing that happy, smiling face behind the chain link of the kennel.  He seemed to know that I was there just for him, and I believe he somehow spirited me through the Website to drive all the way down to Stockton, nearly an hour's drive, to adopt him and give him a new life with me, and me a new life with him after the painful loss of Bubba Gump earlier that year.  He did look so much like him in the photo.

The only get-acquainted area at that shelter for us was through the door to the euthanasia room, through which he might have passed on another day very soon had I not adopted him that day.  I'll wager not many in Stockton would have paid over $200 to adopt a five-year-old hound that limped.  When he flopped down full length on the cold, hard concrete floor and presented his upturned belly to be petted, I knew he must be a pretty good dog to be so easy-going in such a stressful place.  Well, Beau is a great dog.  I don't think I've ever been loved by anyone or anything the way Beau loves me.  Everyone should be adored so completely at least once in life.   Of course, I feel just the same about him.   

Beau doesn't limp any more, and he loves to be serenaded daily on the ukelele.  He has not just an ear for music, but two ears.  I played his special song for him this morning, "My Darlin' Beau."  And he is all that.  I'll be forever grateful that we were united by some miracle and that I have my darlin' Beau, my best dog yet.


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