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Monday, October 08, 2012


On my way home from the grocery store, I was following a giant, silver double-cab truck.  The kind where you know the guy behind the wheel has "size" issues.  He had been behind me when I was waiting to exit the parking lot, and it was clear he was in a great big tizzy.  He took the alternate route and we met again at the intersection of Occidental Drive.  He was to my right, and even though I had reached the intersection first, I waved him to go ahead since I didn't want to get in his way again.  As I followed him down Occidental, I saw his two dogs, a Golden Retriever and Boxer, untethered in the truck bed and was seriously concerned for their safety. This guy was still in a great big hurry, driving down the road much faster than the posted 25 mph in a residential area.  I watched the two dogs actually go airborne as he zoomed over the two speed bumps.  The fact that they weren't tossed out of the truck was a miracle. I was so furious that I tried to catch up with him to get his license number, which I managed to do.  I wanted to follow him to give him a great big piece of my mind to chew on before I reported his reckless endangerment to the police, but he was racing so fast down La Riviera Drive I couldn't catch up.  But I'll be watching out for him, and next time I see that muther's his license #8D73072, in case you see him first.  


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