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Sunday, September 16, 2012


Last night's Whiskers and Wine was quite enjoyable, though I'm not sure it was as well attended as last year's event.  The price had gone up to $40 ($30 prepaid) and only covered the food. Wine was $3.00 extra per glass, though you could sample some wines.  The event seemed a little disorganized in the same way as last year's, with a hangup at Will Call for those of us who had paid in advance.  They had no tickets waiting and didn't provide any proof of payment for entrance, which means people could have entered without paying.  I was asked several times upon reentry to the wine and raffle ticket purchasing area if I had already paid the entrance fee.  They had to take my and everyone else's word for it.  A wrist band or hand stamp would have eliminated any confusion.

Anyway, I hope the shelter didn't lose any money.  I'm sure everyone who attended was on the honor system and wouldn't be there if they didn't want the shelter to prosper handsomely from the event, which was delightful in every other way.  Good food, nice wine selection, and desserts to die for (also not included with entry fee, but that's probably a good thing--makes you think about whether you really need dessert).  Kudos to all the selfless volunteers who put in all the time and effort required to host such an event and to those who are "in the trenches" every single day to help homeless animals.  

There were many dogs and cats on display for potential adopters.  I liked how the shelter had put so much information about the pets on the cages for potential adopters to read, including one-word summations of their personalities.  The dogs were putting on their best show for anyone who might take them home, and I sincerely hope that many pets found homes last night.  I loved them all, the barkers, the whiners, the shy ones and the "goofballs," but several of the dogs are especially worth mentioning.  

There was a young, beautiful blue/gray pit mix (?) that was inviting visitors to play with a favorite blue squeaky football.  He was so sweet and lively.  How could you not spend every moment in joyful belly laughs at this dog's antics?  I saw perhaps the tiniest Chihuahua I've ever seen, about the size of a rat.  It was the sweetest little thing, licking my hand so gently, and sure wouldn't cost much to feed.  It's hard for me to understand why anyone breeds an animal this small only for it still to end up abandoned in a shelter.  What's wrong with people?  The two dogs that impressed me most were two completely adorable, fuzzy, floppy-eared Schnauzer/terrier mixes housed in the same cage together.  I hope they get adopted into the same home because they must be related.  These dogs were so cute and seemed very sweet tempered.  If anyone is looking for Schnauzers, please go see these two little guys.  Those big, brown eyes spoke volumes.  If I couldn't take them home (and I can't), I'd have loved to paint their portrait.  

By the time the evening was winding down, the shelter had gone very quiet.  All the shelter dogs had shut down their entertaining Take Me Home performances for the night and were curled up on what bedding was provided, resigned to the fact they were not going home on this night or perhaps any other.  I read the anguish in all those sad eyes looking out from behind the cage bars, the hope of a second chance (or maybe a third) being slowly extinguished in them day by day.

As I left, I said a prayer for them all and that everyone who visited the county shelter last night and is able to adopt a pet will come back today and bring home a forever friend.  

PLEASE, let's empty all the shelters by spaying, neutering, and being responsible pet owners by providing every animal within our care a loving home for the duration of its life.  They give their all for us.  How can we do any less for them?


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