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Tuesday, September 18, 2012


I receive this e-mail just now.  Please read and pass it along.

dear miss wright, on august 16 nbc 
investigative news did a report on the danger of chicken jerky 
treats for dogs. the jerky in question was marketed by wagon 
train and mylos? dog treats.  please look this up on the internet
and the fda websites.  the information is appalling.  it states 
that 362 complaints have been made about these treats resulting 
in the deaths of thousands of pets nationwide.  safeway has 
pulled these products, just the chicken jerky, which is 
manufactured in china.  i bought the duck jerky for my beloved 
westie murphy and he threw it up but not for my friend who just 
happened to call me the same day i shudder to think of what could 
have happened.  these treats are evidently lethal in three days.  
i do not usually buy either of these brands; however, it just 
happened wall mart was out of stock of what i usually buy.  
i feed murphy newmans own kibble, to which i add chicken livers, 
or chicken [i cook for him every night'].  he also gets milk bone 
and treats from his groomer who is a friend of mine.  anyway i 
am paranoid about what that dog eats so you can imagine how i 
felt when i read about all this and realized how close murphy 
had come, he only ate one piece.  the duck 
jerky was added to the fda list yesterday.  
i am hoping your access to the media will bring attention to 
this problem and you will know how to alert them. 
i have not seen anything in sacto, big surprise.  the 
nbc article was from the peninsula,  palo alto are where 
i was from, thank god for them.   thanking you in advance 
for whatever you may be 
able to do.  sincerely susan turpen.  
my email is  
sorry for the weird format, this apple  
computer and i are not in sync yet, its new to me.  
i hope you get this email.

I hope everyone who reads this tells any store they frequent that is still selling this deadly product to remove it immediately before any more dogs become ill or die.  Last time I went to Raley's Waggin' Train chicken jerky treats were still on their shelves, despite the fact I wrote to management and informed them of this problem.  Now, it appears the duck treat is also tainted.  I guess we have to avoid Chinese poultry in general for our pets.  

We used to buy Waggin' Train treats from Costco years ago, and they could have killed my Daisy and Bubba before I discovered what was making them sick.  We were just lucky because there were no health alerts about it then.  I just put two and two together and told my husband to stop buying the treats.  I'm not a big fan of big box stores because a lot of their products are cheap because they are imported from China.  If it's something I feed my dogs, I'm going to be extra cautious.  We now feed our dogs Happy Hips Lamb & Rice, and we have no worries with that.  Plus they love it!  Salmonella poisoning, the cause of illness in Waggin' Train products, is no walk in the park.  I know from personal experience, and I can tell you I'm lucky to be writing this Dog Blog!


  • At 11:51 AM, Blogger Angela & Brian said…

    Hi, my dogs have been doing just fine on teh Dogswell Happy Hips Lamb & Rice treats as well - however after reading about the issues with the jerky treats, I did some research and came accross the information that some dogswell treats/ingredients come from China also. I looked on the packaging, and sure enough, these treats are manufactured in China. Just to be safe, I am returning them and looking for a US based all natural alternative. I'm not sure why I never noticed that before!

  • At 2:45 PM, Blogger Sue said…

    Probably the safest thing to do, considering all the problems with the Chinese products.


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