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Wednesday, October 10, 2012


                              Dolly's glory days at Tahoe

I just watched the sun set as brilliantly as it did this night 17 years ago when I had to say good-bye much too soon to my dearest little basset, Dolly.  She tragically succumbed to Thrombopathia, a bleeding disorder, similar to hemophilia in humans, that no one knew anything about in 1995. Dolly was only six years old, and I had her for five of those years, having rescued her from Hound Hollow Basset Rescue around her first birthday. Her untimely and traumatic loss still brings tears of grief to my eyes.  

Tonight, as I watched the sun set in the same amazing hues of coral and azure as on that other October eve, I remembered all the wonderful things about her and how she graced my life in her delightful way during her short stay with me.  I know she came to me for a special reason, to see me through the most challenging time of my life during which I nearly succumbed to food poisoning (e. coli/salmonella--a deadly pair!) and then lost my job.  She was my constant companion and four-legged nurse throughout those long, painful nights and the long road back to health.  Thank you, my beloved Dolly, for always being there for me when many weren't.  I'll love you forever, little girl.  


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