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Tuesday, October 09, 2012


I'm sure most pet owners have already heard about the dog poisonings that have occurred with Waggin' Train brand chicken jerky treats that are manufactured in China (except for Raley's, apparently, where they are still being sold in the pet dept. even after I wrote to their corporate office.). Since last May many dogs have died or have been sickened by the treats, which can cause kidney failure.  

Perhaps you are not aware, as I was not, of the same problems associated with another brand, Dogswell Happy Hips Lamb & Rice flavor, which we have been giving our dogs for some time now.  I mistakenly thought that since they are not chicken strips that they are safe.  Not so, apparently.  I didn't make the connection between tainted treats and Peaches' strange illness last summer, and neither did her vet, but when she yarked up her entire breakfast in a heap this morning after eating one of those treats, a light bulb finally went on.  I noticed she hasn't seemed up to par of late, but I thought it was just the sudden change in the weather or old age catching up with her.  She is nearly 10, as far as I know.  

I will watch her very carefully to see if she improves now that I've tossed the Happy Hips out.

*Watch for symptoms like vomiting, diarrhea, and drinking lots of water.  When a dog vomits, it's never a good sign.  

Perhaps the reason the treats are still being sold is that none of the companies in question will own up to the problem for fear of lawsuits, as I'm sure there would be many. Meanwhile, the dogs continue to suffer, so apparently the first concern of these pet businesses is not the pets.   

As for us, no more known Chinese pet products will cross our threshold.  A warning: Sometimes you can't even tell where the product was originally manufactured, even though the package may say it's made in the USA.  That could just mean it was packaged in this country, but manufactured abroad.    


  • At 5:56 AM, Blogger Roy Gras Jr said…

    I have been giving my dogs the Waggin Trail treats for years. I would buy them at Costco or Sam's Club cause they were cheaper. I discontinued after reading your article and started searching for USA brand treats and it's difficult to find. I have two 70 lb. dogs and they seem to enjoy the larger treats but not rawhide. The chicken jerky was perfect but I can not find a replacement. Any suggestions?

  • At 6:18 AM, Blogger Roy Gras Jr said…

    I have been giving my dogs the Waggin Train treats for years usually from Costco or Sam's club since it was cheaper. I discontinued after reading your article but finding USA brand treats is difficult. I have two 70pound dogs that enjoy a larger type of treat, but not rawhide, and the chicken jerky was perfect. Any suggestions? Thanks.

  • At 11:03 AM, Blogger Sue said…

    These are rawhide chews and not so easily gobbled, but we have had no problems with the Cadet Gourmet "Real Meat Snack." I cut mine in half for my dogs since they are quite long. After the recent problems we had with Happy Hips, I researched their other treats to be sure they weren't on a recall list. They weren't. I buy the Cadet chews at The Pet Department Store on J Street at around 45th. I've also had good luck with other treats there. The staff are also very nice. Until we can be certain that food is safe for pets (or people) we'll just have to be more vigilant and do our research. Chicken is definitely out around our house because of the salmonella danger.

  • At 6:03 PM, Blogger Hopelessly Lucky said…

    My pups absolutely adore 3 Dog Bakery treats. We buy the Muttsortment. One of my pups refuses any other treat! Crazy. Two of my 3 pups are sensitive so I knew right away when we were feeding them a bad batch of dog food and got rid of it ASAP. They've been eating these treats for about a year with no problems. We even give boxes of them as Christmas presents to their doggie friends. FYI, the bad dog food we tried was Canyon Creek or was it river? Ranch.


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