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Thursday, April 24, 2008

I'm glad to hear that California is about to pass a law that prohibits dogs from driving cars; that is, it keeps an owner from driving while letting the dog sit in his lap.  I lose count of the number of drivers I see with their dogs (usually toy breeds but not always) perched in their laps, or hanging their heads out the open window.  I wonder if the driver thinks about what would happen to his precious pet in the event of a collision?  Trouble is, most people don't think much at all about the consequences of doing stupid things that distract them from the deadly serious business of driving a WMD.  In an accident, the dog would certainly be killed or injured when the airbag deployed or could be ejected out the open window.  Small dogs can get under your feet and interfere with your ability to depress the brake and gas pedals.  The safest way to travel with your pet is to keep him enclosed in a carrier, restrained in the back seat, or placed behind a pet barrier.  Your fur child does not belong on your lap or beside you in the front passenger seat, where there is also an air bag. With drivers talking and texting on cell phones, using GPS, laptops, and even watching videos, who needs the added distraction of a pooch running loose in the car?     



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