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Sunday, March 16, 2008

If there is such a thing as animal reincarnation, and I believe there must be, then Dolly has come back to me in the form of the sweetest dog ever to grace my life since her, my Peaches.  How do I know?  Because Peaches does the same funny little hop, skip with her left hind foot when she breaks from a run back into a trot.  And last night as I lay on the couch, she inched up onto my chest and licked my hand so gently, exactly the way Dolly used to do.  No dog has loved me as dearly as Peaches does, nor have I loved a dog as dearly as I do her, not since Dolly.  Ours was a special bond from the get-go, and I have that again in Peaches.  

Say what you will about such things, I know it is true.  Dolly has finally come home to me.  She's just been watching and waiting for the right time.  Dolly saw me through some difficult times in my life, and I am certain that Peaches has come to me now for the same reason.  Human love is fickle, but a dog's love never dies.



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