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Sunday, March 02, 2008

March came in like a howling hound.  I heard the wind all through the night tossing things about in the yard, and today was a blustery, ear-flapping day for bassets.  It wasn't a good day for much of anything, not even sitting out in the garden with my hounds.  I had hoped to take a long bike ride, but I wouldn't have enjoyed trying to pedal against that gale.  I tried to read the Sunday paper outside, but it was no use. 

Even though the sun was out, the wind made it very cold, but since Bubba and Peaches have nice, warm fur coats, they didn't mind lying out on their mats in the sun. It probably felt good to Bubba, since I think he is having a little arthritis in his hindquarters lately.  I can relate.  We both take our pain pills.  I am looking forward to sun-blessed hours of reading, writing, painting, wine and music in the garden again after many months of bleak winter days.  We're all ready for not just a false spring but a real rite of spring.       



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