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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I'm not one who follows the dog show circuit with much interest or enthusiasm, but for educational purposes in my line of work, I do enjoy seeing the best examples of the different breeds in this show. That said, I've never attended Westminster at Madison Square Garden in NYC, even though the DWAA awards are held right across the street. I was laughing and even crying as I watched the winning beagle, Uno, do his stuff in the ring. It really moved me. Here was Everydog, Snoopy, The People's Pet, an "honest dog," as a Sacramento Bee writer so aptly put it, finally getting his due reward for being an American favorite over the years. I was glad that for once a pom-pommed poodle didn't win, even though I've had poodles and they are great dogs, too. It was so delightful to watch this little guy win Best of Show. It's no wonder. What a great dog! Simply beautiful! His golden color was amazing, but I have a weakness for that coloring in hounds, and a weakness for hounds of any kind. Evidently the judges did, too.

I loved his reaction to the enthusiastic cheers of the audience. I have always questioned whether dog shows are more for the people (and profit) or for the dogs, but seeing Uno in the ring answered that question for me, at least in part. He was obviously reveling in all the attention he was getting. Of course, that's what dogs love most--our attention. I wish I could have heard his joyful vocalizations more clearly. I'd have been giving him a standing ovation, too, had I been there. Hooray for Numero Uno! Kudos also to the thought-provoking ads from Westminster's sponsor, Pedigree, and to the show commentators, who frequently reminded viewers to do their homework and research the dog breeds before choosing one for a pet. Perhaps these responsible efforts on their part will help to reduce some of the "littering" that is sure to occur in the wake of Westminster.



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