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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Here's a much younger Sherlock Bubba in his cape and deerstalker.  The photo was taken on the Rest Your Bones bench at Bogy's Barkery in Sacramento when it was still in business.  I had his costume made up in the MacBean tartan in honor of Elsie MacBean when my first novel, "Howling Bloody Murder" was published back in 2001.   He looks about as thrilled to be wearing it as most dogs look when wearing silly costumes for their owners.  But he had a great day at Bogy's meeting other dogs and sampling people-shaped dog biscuits. 

Although I adopted Bubba Gump after I wrote the book (I began writing it years before it was finally published), he has since become the inspiration for my fictional basset, Cruiser, in the Beanie and Cruiser series.  He constantly provides me with material for my books.  I'm delighted that the third book in the series, "Embarking on Murder" will be released in May 2009 from Five Star.  I sincerely hope Sherlock Bubba will still be around to help me launch the new book.
(copyright, Susan Heggstad Photography) 



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