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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Peaches inherited Daisy's old bed, which has a broken zipper.  Even though it should have been tossed out long ago, I had a hard time parting with it after Daisy died.  Daisy spent so many cozy nights lying on that old bed in front of the fire on winter nights, and it also provided comfort in her final months of life.  

We bought Peaches a new bed after we adopted her, but she has also adopted Daisy's old bed.  She uses it a bit differently than Daisy did, though.  She climbs inside the bed between the cushion and top like it's a mummy bag.  She likes hiding inside it because it's dark and serves as her den, I suppose.  She probably feels secure in her hidey hole.  When you've been through two shelters and who knows what before that, security is a precious commodity.  

Sometimes when I wake up in the middle of the night and can't find her in her own bed, I become alarmed until I remember that she's wrapped up in her Basset Burrito, as we have begun calling it.  She tucks so far into it that you don't know she's there...until you hear the burrito snoring.



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