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Saturday, June 26, 2010

I just came from the "Flea" Market at the Sacramento County Animal Shelter where I stocked up with some great goodies and also made a generous donation to the shelter in the hope of helping them continue to perform their vital services for the Sacramento community and our animals. I also waited in a long line with a crowd of other people to tour this state-of-the-arf shelter to see what dogs were available for adoption. 

Surprise, surprise! Nearly all of them were pit bulls. Most were sporting E-collars because they are automatically neutered upon entering the shelter. Why? Because there are just too damn many of them. The rest of the dogs for adoption were chihuahuas. PLEASE, PLEASE stop breeding these dogs (and others) for profit, and those of you who are looking for pets to adopt, please visit the shelter today and save a life. The holding time at the shelter is currently three days. Staff are hoping they won't have to reduce that time at the end of the month when new budget constraints are put in force. Not much time for a happy ending, is it? But you can help. Adopt, don't purchase, a pet. Spay and neuter your pets. You can make a difference TODAY! 



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