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Friday, June 11, 2010

I just returned to Sacramento after two weeks at beautiful Lake Tahoe, my favorite place on Earth.  Of course, I took Peaches and Beau along with me.  It was Beau's first trip to Tahoe with me and probably his first ever, since I doubt his former owner took him anywhere fun. It all seemed new and exciting to him, and he quickly began to expect a car ride to Kiva Beach every morning, just like Peaches does.  Kiva is a leash-free beach for dogs, the only one at South Lake Tahoe.  

He and Peaches had a grand time, and here are some photos to prove it. Beau is now a Tahoe hound, just like his predecessor, Bubba Gump.  I think he loved it even more than Bubba did, if that's possible.  He delighted in ambling down the beach, sniffing everything, feeling the sand between his toes, and wading in the water.  Of course, he greeted everyone we met along the way and wanted to be petted.  He even got his photo taken professionally with a group out on a photo tour with Tahoe Photographic Tours.  I hope I can get a copy from the photographer, Robin Price.  Peaches and Beau made quite an impression, but especially Beau because he is so gregarious.

I actually managed to get some writing done on my next book between dog walks.  I hope it won't be too long before we can go to Tahoe again.   



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