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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Fourth of July fast approaches, and that night of fireworks means a lot of dogs will go bonkers, jumping fences or digging under them in the vain effort to escape all the noise. Sadly, many will end up as fugitives in a shelter, if they don't end up as road kill first.  I know that Beau can't get out of his yard and wouldn't even try.  He loves his home and people too much to run away.  But I also know he is not going to react well to those Piccolo Petes and other loud fireworks, so today I called the vet and ordered a sedative for him to take that night.  I didn't think Rescue Remedy would entirely do the trick for the hours of racket he'll have to endure.  He is more frightened of fireworks and thunder than any dog I've had thus far.  Even our basset, Patti, who also had to be sedated, didn't get as upset as he does.

If you have a dog like Beau that freaks out during fireworks, here are some tips from Lisa Spector on how to calm your dog and avert disaster.  And don't forget to be sure your dog has his ID tags on or is microchipped, in case he does break out of your yard.  You'll stand a better chance of getting him safely back home.  (Be sure to read the comment at the end of this blog from an animal control officer who has had first-hand experience with this stressful holiday for pets.)  

Of course, this means we'll be celebrating the Fourth at home, but that's okay with me.  I don't much care for those noisy Petes, either.  We won't even talk about the illegal M-80s. I'll be quite happy to keep Beau company.  In fact, I may have to dose him a couple of times before the Fourth, since the stands open before then and kids will be shooting off fireworks before the big day, I'm sure.



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