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Friday, June 18, 2010

Get thee to a shelter...

If all the people on this list who are looking for a pet to adopt would go to their local animal shelter today and adopt one that desperately needs a home, there will be one less loving dog or cat that has to be euthanized. There are purebreds and pups and wonderful mutts at shelters, all in need of permanent homes. 

The people who post on this list--breeders, sellers, irresponsible pet owners--you must not continue to fill our community shelters with unwanted pets who will die. Please make a difference and do something positive for animals and your city. Spay, neuter, and get thee to a shelter and ADOPT! But before you do, be certain you are able to provide the kind of home that animal deserves, one that is forever. Pets are not disposable. 



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