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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Another response to my letter. Unfortunately, it's a done deal. They voted today. The shelter issue wasn't even mentioned by anyone interviewed on TV. The animals lose again, but at least they saved the volunteer coordinator position.  

Thank you for your email. As you likely know, Sacramento County is facing unprecedented funding shortfalls and the Board of Supervisors must make very difficult decisions about reducing funding to every program we provide, if not eliminating some entirely.


Unfortunately, the Animal Care and Regulation department is facing difficulties this year, primarily due to the debt service that must be paid on the costly new kennel facility off Bradshaw Road. Supervisor MacGlashan was concerned about the cost of this building and the potential for a situation like this years ago, and voted against constructing the facility. It is unfortunate that the County now finds itself in a position in which debt service on a building is eliminating services.


Thank you for contacting Supervisor MacGlashan with your concerns. I wish I had better news for you, but as I said the County is facing very difficult decisions right now. Supervisor MacGlashan’s top priority is to ensure that there is an adequate level of patrol staffing in the Sheriff’s Department. Please understand that the current budget proposal has restored funding for the volunteer services coordinator, so that we may continue to make use of our dedicated volunteers.




Ted Wolter

Chief of Staff

District 4, Sacramento County

Supervisor Roberta MacGlashan


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