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Thursday, June 17, 2010

A response to my letter from County Board Supervisor Susan Peters:

Thank you for sharing your concerns about possible budget reductions affecting the Department of Animal Care and Regulation.  


Please be assured there is no plan to close the County Animal Shelter.   Unfortunately, the economic decline in county and state revenues is expected to continue for the next fiscal year so budget cuts to some extent will have to be considered.


Please also understand that further reduction of animal care services is neither desired nor wanted by the Board of Supervisors.  This perilous financial situation necessitates finding a way to lessen the department’s dependency on general fund revenues.  An alternative business model needs to be developed to secure funding from other sources and/or utilize a regional/consolidated approach maximizing efficiencies among the various jurisdictions with respect to the way animals are licensed and regulated.


I appreciate very much the efforts being made by the volunteers and interested groups about promoting animal registration/licensing along with donations for the department (I saw a flyer at the pet/livestock feed store over the weekend where I purchase food for my dog).  There also have been collaborative discussions with municipal officials and the local veterinarian society about how we all can benefit by having a regional plan for animal care across jurisdictional lines and I understand those discussions are on-going.


The expressed desire by the community to save the shelter is evident that there are countless numbers of volunteers and animal supporters who remain committed to helping despite the financial challenges we face.


Thank you again for caring and expressing your support.





Supervisor, Third District


  • At 9:59 PM, Blogger ACO461 said…

    I like (not) how her last comment about "countless volunteers". I love our volunteers and they have been a godsend to the shelter and staff. HOWEVER, it appears to me that she expects that the shelter will be find because we have "countless volunteers" to keep it running.
    Just frustrating at the lack of understanding even thought it was explained to her about the volunteer program.
    Or she just doesn't give a rat's ---.


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