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Thursday, August 16, 2012


I'm not doing much dog walking lately due to a knee injury and sudden onset of arthritis that has affected my mobility.  The orthopedist I saw Monday at UCD was talking about a knee replacement, but I'm not replacing any standard issue parts unless absolutely necessary.  I'll try some other things first before I do anything that drastic.  I'm very glad that I was advised to keep riding my bike because I've missed doing that for a few weeks now.  I cured knee problems twice before this way, so I have no reason to believe it won't work this time.  

Peaches' and Beau's dad has had to take over their walks for the most part, though I still try to hobble along with the pack to the dog park or the CSUS arboretum with them at day's end.  Mom worries that her dogs' affections are being stolen, but they still seem to dote on their mummy quite a lot, walks or not.  I still do the feeding (the way to a dog's heart is its stomach).  We have our usual morning cuddles and sit together on the front patio to watch the goings on in the neighborhood (their favorite thing), so I guess I needn't worry.    

Life is just full of adjustments large and small, but adapting to them isn't always so easy.  Okay, I'm off to take my ride on the bike trail while it's still cool enough.  


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