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Friday, July 13, 2012


I'm thrilled to report that Peaches is her old self again.  For the past two days she's been back to normal, leaping up in the bed with me in the mornings, dashing out the front door to bark at the world.  Prior to that, it was certainly not the case.  It's amazing!  I still have no clue what it was that ailed her and neither did the vet.  Upon retesting her blood, the elevated calcium level dropped back down to a normal range.  I had scheduled her for an ultrasound this morning, but she seems fine, so I canceled it.  I'm rather relieved she has improved because the Sac Referral Center would have drained my bank account, I'm sure.  That's always been my experience in the past, and I've said good-bye to far too many dogs there.  I can only assume that Peaches must have ingested something that upset her, but she never had any vomiting or diarrhea, as you would expect with something like that.

A neighbor told me about a mysterious dog illness that they apparently get from sniffing other dogs' feces.  Since Peaches and Beau are the worst poo gobblers I've ever had, that would put them at risk.  We are going to avoid the dog park, no matter how much Beau likes going there.  In my opinion, they are breeding grounds for disease and other disasters caused mostly by stupid owners.  I have never liked my dogs drinking out of communal water bowls, since I have no idea if the other dogs who come there are properly inoculated against diseases.  Anyway, I'm not taking any more chances after this.  I hate to do it, but I may also put muzzles on these two when we go for walks to keep them from sneaking "treats" along the way.  You never know what's in another animal's feces that could kill your dog.

I'm just so grateful that Peaches is okay.  I really thought I was going to lose my sweet girl this past week.


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