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Thursday, June 07, 2012

Advice from the REAL Hot Dog Patrol

We've been pretty lucky so far this year with having very few hot days in Sacramento as we head into summer, but the temperature is predicted to go up again into the 90s.  With the temp going hot-cold-hot-cold, it's easy to forget that a dog can suffer heat stroke very quickly while locked up in a car, even when the outside temperature is only in the 80s.

Here is an excellent blog post from the Rosemont Patch by a wonderfully outspoken animal control officer.  She explains just how dangerous and stupid it is for a pet owner to ever leave a dog in the car while in the store "for only 10 minutes." It must be hard to maintain your cool when dealing with such thoughtless, ignorant idiots.  My hat is off to her and to others who respond to these calls.  Of course, I believe that all animal-loving citizens should be equipped with the same shield-smashing tool officers have and be not only permitted but encouraged to break a windshield in order to save a dog from dying.  If it were a child left in a car to die, there would be no question what should be done by a caring bystander.  By the time official help arrives for a dog, it's often too late to save him.  Most store personnel show little concern for dog-in-car incidents, I've found.  You often get a blank "So what?" stare.  If they cared about animal welfare, they'd post warnings to patrons at their entrances not to leave dogs in cars while they shop.  Well, enough from me.  I'll let an expert tell you more about this important subject that could save your dog's life.


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