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Friday, May 18, 2012

Yes!!  We have reached 100% of the target we set just
 24 hours ago.  We are pretty sure that Barklay will be 
completely covered medically.  All of the $4000 collected 
on the Firstgiving page will be passed onto Golden Empire 
Basset Rescue and will be used for the medical needs of 
Barklay and hopefully have some left to help their other two 
medically needy bassets in their care (one, four year old 
hit by a car with pelvic fractures, and the other 4 months old 
with severe conjunctivitis and generally not in the best of 
health for a puppy!)

Even better... we already have several expressions of 
interest in giving him a permanent home! 

Barklay on the transport and later, post surgery...
minus a foot and ankle.

Barkley on his transport
Barklay Post Surgery

The word today is that he is alert, WALKING on his
 three good legs, and wagging his little tail like crazy! 
Hopefully, he will be discharged from the vet surgery
tomorrow, as long as his bandage change reveals a
healing wound.  Depending on how he can learn to
use the stump, he may need a further surgery to
shorten the leg even further as he won't be able to
use it for walking or running.  Dr Stout hopes he will
use it to balance when standing, but ignore it when
he walks or runs.  Time will tell!
It is also thought that this may not have been a car accident 
after all. The wounds show puncture wounds and crush
injuries...some suggestion that this could have
been done intentionally - maybe one hole at least was
gunshot inflicted.
Whatever the cause... Barklay Basset is on the mend 

and will live a happy ever after life! 


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