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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Tahoe quake

We've gone from snowdrifts to snow cones in a matter of two weeks at Lake Tahoe.  It was quite warm today, and neither the dogs nor I much like it.  Their tails and tongues were dragging on our trail walk this morning, but I took them a bit too late.  It was already getting warm out.  I came to Tahoe for some cool weather, and we're getting anything but.   I have to say I've had exposure to every possible kind of weather you can get up here, including a startling seismic event this morning just before 9:00 a.m.  I was trying to catch a few more winks, while the dogs patiently lay nearby in the bedroom, when something like an explosion shook the whole house and almost knocked me out of the bed.  I thought maybe they were doing more boulder blasting somewhere nearby.  After the initial brief shock, there was a low rumbling like thunder that seemed to resonate in the distance.  Since thunderstorms have been predicted, I thought it must be that.   But when I looked outside, the sky was bright blue.

I only just now Googled Earthquakes at Lake Tahoe, and sure enough there was an M1.6 with the epicenter near Markleeville.  The dogs didn't react that I was aware of, but I sure did!


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