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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Peaches and Beau are Tahoe hounds for a couple of weeks.  Last week Beau got his first experience in the snow (that I know of).  Judging from his delight at the white stuff, I'd say he has never seen it before.  It was a treat for me, too, since I haven't been in snow for years.  We got a few inches, enough to cover the forest floor and make the woods look like a Christmas postcard in April.  Miraculous! I even pulled out my cross-country skis and had a go.  The snow was sticky, though, and my skis unwaxed, which was probably a good thing since I am really out of practice at the sport.  I used to love speeding along in the groomed tracks at Royal Gorge, but that's probably been a decade ago.  The skis were pulling up huge clumps of snow and dirt so it was slow going around the mountain, but still great fun.  

One day when I was walking the dogs around the neighborhood, Beau tried to do his "slider" in snow, but decided it was not quite as pleasant to do as on soft green grass.  Wish I'd had some footage of it, but of course I never have a camera with me when I need one.  The snow lasted a day or so, but then a warming trend melted it off quickly.  On our walk this morning, though, Beau found a large snowdrift and made sure to shush through it.  Who would think a basset could be a snow dog?  They are at a distinct disadvantage in deep snow. All good fun for them, though.  They do love our Tahoe adventures and provide me with lots of new material for future books.  Bless my beloved canine muses.  They are always the best company.



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