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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

While driving down to Jimboy's Tacos tonight, I spotted a lady walking a young red/white basset hound.  I always brake for bassets, so I just had to stop and see him.  Choo Choo was 4 months old and so, so cute.  I asked her where she got him.  I was hoping he was rescued, not purchased from a breeder, but she replied, "From a friend."  His markings were beautiful and his ears were super long.  He was a bit shy at first when I approached, but then he greeted me and rolled on his back for belly rubs, which I was only too happy to provide.  

I had taken Peaches and Beau along for the ride.  Beau was peering out the window with great interest at Choo Choo.  I would have let them out to greet him, but I'm sure the little guy would have been overwhelmed and we were on a busy thoroughfare.  It's always such a treat to see a basset because you just don't see them that often.  I never seem to have a camera with me at the time.  I don't have an iPhone or even carry a cellphone very often, except when I'm riding my bicycle.  I watched Choo Choo chug away with his owner.  He seemed to be pretty well bred, judging from his smooth gait and hindquarters.  No faulty paddling of his feet, like with Beau, my imperfect but most lovable of dogs.  This pup was very long like Beau, though, and had quite a lot of filling out to do.  I hope he will have a happy life.  

Sometimes dogs purchased and given as gifts don't end up in their original home.  Many end up in shelters.  That's why pets don't make good gifts.  Acquiring a pet is an important and very personal decision, much like having a child.  I wondered if Choo Choo had already been re-homed with this woman.  Bassets aren't for everyone, which may be why you don't see that many of them waddling around.  I couldn't help noticing she didn't seem too well bonded with the dog.  Mind you, she was too busy yapping on her cellphone.  Geez, isn't everyone?  



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