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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

In regard to the recent proposed changes to laws that affect the welfare of animals in California, I believe that this great state, which once shone as a beacon of progress for the world (but apparently no more), needs to set a strong example for humane treatment of all animals, both pets and those used for food.  I'm appalled that the Supreme Court has decided it is okay for downed farm animals to be used as part of our food supply and that these "wise" men do not see how wrong it is for these unfortunate creatures to be treated so cruelly that they become sick or crippled in the first place.  Instead of being dragged or bulldozed into the food chain, they should be humanely euthanized and their bodies disposed of (but not fed to their brethren) instead of being eaten.  As a very lucky survivor of e. coli and salmonella poisoning years ago, I think that this latest ruling to feed the greed of a heartless industry is reason enough to shun the consumption of animal flesh.  There are healthier foods to consume that don't require the killing of living beings that feel most of the same emotions we do. Bottom line:  You just really don't know what you're eating any more when you buy meat products at the supermarket or at a restaurant.  

As for the Governor's ill-advised proposed repeal of Tom Hayden's law on extending hold times for pets in shelters, I don't believe that the lives of helpless companion animals should be sacrificed to bolster a trashed economy which is the result of stupid, selfish actions of human beings.  We got ourselves into this mess.  Why should our pets pay the price?  They have no voice in their fate, so we have to be their voice.  I would probably not have my wonderful Beau or Peaches if shelter hold times had been any shorter. Certainly I would not have Beau, since he was an older mixed-breed dog that had already been a stray twice before I adopted him.  His three strikes were nearly up, and I found him in the nick of time.  Best day of my life.  And his!  Governor Brown may not have found his Sutter, either, if this protective law were not in force, though I'm sure that purebreds stand a far better chance than the throngs of mutts, seniors and other less adoptable dogs that find their way into shelters, again because of too many stupid, thoughtless, greedy people.  This law gives pets a second chance for a happy ending.  It must NOT be overturned!  Are you listenin', Guv?      

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