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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Peaches isn't reading the daily paper, but she loves to sit on it when we're trying to read. The latest news is that Peaches has been with us five years now.  Her Gotcha! Day was December 28. I bought her some special treats at the Pet Department Store.  I remember meeting a fearful little basset that day after Christmas in 2006 and how she crab-walked into the get-acquainted room, came straight to me, huddled close and sat on my foot.  I understood that I had been claimed and I was hers and she was mine from that day forward.  She would continue to do the crab walk for a long time after our first meeting when she was in any new situation or saw anything larger than she was, like street lamps, for instance.  

Since I was told she was 3 1/2 when I adopted her at the SSPCA (she was transferred from her and Beau's Alma Mutter in Stockton), that means she is now 8 1/2.  My beautiful little girl has a frosting of snowy white on her muzzle now.  How unfairly fast the time passes when you're a dog.  



  • At 1:20 PM, Blogger howzerdo said…

    Peaches is so beautiful! Happy Gotcha Day. My Sophie is now 13! Fared well from her "lumpectomies" for hair follicle tumors in '10 (although she has many more, but they don't get in the way and I won't put her through more surgeries). I imagine she would look like your Dolly did if Sophie had hair. She's never had any -- not when I got her 12 years ago at the shelter, not after years of trying to figure out a "cure," and not today. She has been declining but is still happy and doing OK, and she's more precious to me every day.

  • At 7:45 PM, Blogger Sue said…

    We've sure had our share of lumpy bassets over the years. Tied for first place are our first basset, Butterscotch and Bubba Gump. Bubba's worst cyst was the one that came up very fast near the base of his tail. The vet wanted to lop off his beautiful tail and turn him into a Manx dog. I said NO WAY! He had the lump removed and did just fine. Bubby kept his wonderful, expressive tail that always helicoptered whenever he was happy. Which goes to prove, for dogs or humans, always question a medical diagnosis and prescribed treatment before submitting to it. Get another opinion. Follow your gut instinct.


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