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Monday, July 09, 2012

Problems for Peaches

Peaches went to the vet today.  She's not been up to par lately, and I'm very worried about her.  If my calculations are correct, she must be approaching 10 years of age, which can mean problems for basset hounds.  In the middle of last night she shot into my bedroom, lay on my bed and seemed to be breathing too rapidly.  She was also restless.  This morning when I got up at 6:30, she wasn't in her bed in the family room for the second time this week. I found her lying on the grass in the back yard in the cold.  Highly unusual for her.  Lying in places they don't ordinarily lie has always been a very bad sign with my pets in the past.  Peaches felt so cold when she got into my bed.  Her temp was normal, though. 

She has no vomiting or diarrhea, but she has seemed lethargic and rather unresponsive all day.  Her abdomen is tense and painful, but the vet couldn't determine the cause without some tests.  It could be a number of things, none of which seem to fit because she's not vomiting.  That might make diagnosis easier.  Liver failure was mentioned.  I hope that's not it, and I hope it's not cancer.  Her muzzle is very gray, and she really looked sick today.  The blood panel may show something, but if not and she seems no better tomorrow, x-rays may show more.  I probably should have just done the x-rays today, but the vet seemed to think there was no rush since Peaches doesn't tend to swallow things she shouldn't.  I'm not so sure, though.  She's a terrible poop eater, which turned out to be fatal for her former pack mate, Bubba.  

The vet remarked upon examination that she detected a heart murmur, which Peaches has never had before.  I wonder if that could account for her symptoms?  She did eat all her dinner tonight (appetite has been poor in the mornings, though), so that is encouraging.  I gave her some of the prescribed pain med, and she's been resting comfortably this evening.  All night, too, I hope.  Praying to doG she is better by tomorrow, but I have a bad feeling she might not get better.  I dread that this may be the beginning of a long, slow decline to the inevitable.  What would Beau and I do without our sweet Peaches?  He is crazy about her, and I couldn't bear to lose her.  I was so hoping we could take another trip up to Lake Tahoe in September.  Just once more as a pack, please!  

The thought of losing her is much too painful a prospect for me to dwell on, since I am in considerable pain myself lately.  I think I might have a fractured fibula from two bicycle crashes in the past week.  My right leg looks a bit swollen and doesn't bear my weight without discomfort.  Just when I am finally free of pain the past three months from an injured left knee, thanks to a cortisone shot, now this!     


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