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Monday, July 30, 2012


Some sad and scary shelter headlines for pets and their people.  Aren't shelters supposed to be finding homes for adoptable pets instead of destroying them?  I thought that was what shelter meant.  What kinds of people are running our local shelters?  Inquiring pet lovers want to know.  If a dog has any chance of being adopted, then why is it being "humanely euthanized"?  Isn't that term an oxymoron?  What, pray tell, is remotely humane about euthanizing a perfectly healthy, adoptable dog, even if it is a senior of 7 or 8 years?  There are lots of great older dogs.  I know; I have two. 

With these kind of death camp attitudes, I wouldn't have my Peaches or Beau, since they both came from the Stockton shelter, which is not really a shelter at all from what I observed but rather an outdated, dismal dog pound.  I know times are tough and money is tight and running a shelter, especially in this dreadful economic climate, is challenging.  But do we really need personnel with a take-no-prisoners attitude running our shelters?  


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