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Monday, July 12, 2010

I've always been a huge supporter of the Sacramento SPCA and have donated generously to them over the years. I haven't heard anyone at their organization explain why 100 Chihuahuas are being transferred to Sacramento. Doesn't Southern California have an SPCA or rescue groups in that region which could take the dogs? I counted nearly 100 Chihuahuas already in need of homes in the Sacramento City and County shelters and various rescue groups, not counting all the ones I see being "rehomed" on Craig's List. If no homes are found for them, those dogs held at animal control facilities may be destroyed because of budget shortages. 

I'm glad these little guys were rescued, but do we really need hoards of dogs coming from other cities to rehome in Sacramento? I'm just saying that perhaps we should first place all our own city's homeless dogs in permanent homes before taking on more. 



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