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Saturday, April 25, 2009

We went over to visit my mom's dog, Laddie, who is back home again and feeling his old self after a two-day stay at the local VCA clinic (the same place we took Bubba) to unblock his bowel after ingesting pork bones.  He was in such misery and had to have the blockage surgically removed or he would have died, which is the reason I will never, ever give my dogs bones of any kind.  People can harp on about the BARF raw diet all they want, but Laddie's experience is testament enough to me that it's not a good thing to give a dog a bone.  I've learned that with my bassets with their touchy tummies.  This lesson cost my mom $2,400, which she can ill afford right now.

We took Laddie and Peaches for a walk around my mom's neighborhood and Peaches got beat up by a chocolate lab.  Poor girl.  After she was just getting to be a bit braver in strange situations, this had to happen.  Fortunately, she wasn't hurt.  She just got a good slobbering.  Thank God is wasn't a pit bull or a truly aggressive dog.  This dog was just cuffing her around the neck.  He wasn't vicious, but it was scary all the same.  My heart was up in my throat.  He was tethered and had a collar on, which broke.  If their dog was that territorial, they need to invest in a stronger collar for the next time people pass by walking their dogs.  I was just glad he went after the younger Peaches instead of Laddie.  Poor boy has been through enough.


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