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Thursday, April 16, 2009

I have decided that Peaches is not a dog park dog.  Today I took her to our neighborhood dog park, where there was one other dog, a tiny Shih Tzu.  When she wouldn't play with the dog, it began running in circles around her and barking.  When she could still not engage Peaches in play, the Shih Tzu got frustrated with her.  She began bumping into her and got pretty aggressive.  Peaches just crumbled into a quivering mass of jelly.  She is not an outgoing dog in unfamiliar situations, but she was never this introverted when Bubba was still with us.  She drew her strength and courage from him.  His presence was calming and reassuring to her.  Now that he's gone, she has regressed to her former self, the traumatized pet I adopted over two and a half years ago.  I expect we will eventually have two dogs again, but I am not quite ready to move on from Bubba yet.  I confess I've been looking at the shelters, though.  The two bassets who turned up at the SSPCA were adopted, but they didn't get placed together in the same home, sadly.  I'm kind of surprised that the shelter gave in so quickly trying to place them together, since they came in the shelter that way and obviously were bonded with each other.  They'll have to adjust to another home separately.  I hope that they are placed in homes with other dogs.  Bassets are a pack breed, as Peaches proves to me daily.  It's hard to tell when a basset is depressed, but she is.  Doggone it, Bubba!  Why did you have to leave us?

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