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Monday, March 02, 2009

Geez, Louise!  Another miserable rainy day.  We have gotten our entire year's rainfall in one month, it seems, and the dogs are bored, bored, bored.  I know, I know.   I should be implementing some of the activities in the book I wrote, 150 Activities for Bored Dogs.  The weekend was particularly challenging since there was not a break in the torrents of rain all day long.  Bubba is not much of a problem because he's old and doesn't play much any more, except for "roll out the bagel" and "the biscuit game."  When he stops wanting to play those games, I'll know something is really wrong, but he sleeps a lot, even under normal circumstances.  

Peaches has plenty of youthful energy that must be regularly expended.  So we played with Foxy Loxy and Barky Larky and Sock Monkey, all of which squeak.  Peaches has no use for a toy that will not squeak.  We played Nose Sock with the smelliest socks in the hamper, the ones with the most piquant flavor pups like her relish.  The game is to stick her nose inside the sock and then she must get it off as quickly as possible.  This was also Dolly's favorite game.  Of course, Peaches tries her best to keep me from putting the smelly sock on her nose.  Who wouldn't? Phew!

I wrestled with her, gave her belly rubs, and even got her to catch a ball a few times.  I finally knew she was worn out when she stopped nudging my elbow for my attention while I sat at the computer or on the sofa.  There really should be a horror movie spoof of The Grudge called The Nudge.  It goes something like this:  Just when you are completely relaxed with your cup of tea and least expect it, suddenly you feel a strange wet, cold sensation upon your skin.  All at once you are startled from your calm and react involuntarily.  A screech of agony shatters the inner sanctum as scalding liquid sloshes from your teacup onto your lap.  It's the dreaded dog nose, and it has come to get you and give you The Nudge.

Fortunately, the sun came out this afternoon and the dogs got their usual walk.  More sun expected tomorrow, thank goodness, so I'm safe from The Nudge...for a little while...until the next dark, dreary day when the rains come again.



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