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Saturday, February 14, 2009

There were lots of dogs of all breeds downtown accompanying their owners who had come to watch the Amgen Bike Tour of California time trials.  There was even a basset mix.  The body shape was unmistakable, although the head was 100% terrier.  I'm not sure how much fun they were having among a crowd of tens of thousands.  Frankly, most of them looked stressed and worried, especially the smaller breeds, which were having a hard time avoiding being stepped on or ridden over.  While some very social dogs do all right at public events like this, I think it's kinder and more sensible in most cases to leave your dogs at home where they'll be safer and less stressed by all the noise and confusion.  Bubba and Peaches are certainly not big crowd canines.  Bubba's too old and grumpy now, and Peaches would completely freak.  I kept wondering what would have happened if someone's dog had gotten loose and found its way onto the time trial track where speeding motorcycles, team vehicles, and bicycles were racing past?  It would have been disastrous for all.

Bubba and Peaches wish you a happy Valentine's Day from the sofa.




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