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Friday, November 14, 2008

Bush's Barney has bitten his last Puparrazi.  Now that we have a new President Elect, everyone is eager to learn who will be chosen as First Fido.  What breed of dog will the Obamas choose?  One of the myriad reasons I voted for Barack Obama was that he spoke out for animals early on in his campaign.  I, for one, hope they stick to their guns and adopt a shelter dog.  There are so many wonderful homeless dogs that need a second chance at life.  What a wonderful message that would send to the country, and I'm sure many people who are searching for a dog would follow the Obama's example.  Think how many lives could be saved!  There is a common misconception, apparently on Obama's part too, that only mutts end up in pounds and shelters. There are plenty of purebreds, too, and some might be the hypoallergenic breed his daughter, Malia, needs.  I have found the most wonderful dogs at shelters, and everyone who reads this list knows how I feel about them all, and especially my most recent adoptee, Peaches, my very best friend in the world.  

Every dog has White House "Pawtential," and your dog can wear a shirt claiming his own pawtential.  If you want to order one for your dog, you can check out



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