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Monday, November 10, 2008

Peaches had to go to the vet this afternoon for her booster shots and annual heartworm test--two sticks of the needle!  The minute we got into the office she tried every way she could to drag me out of there.  I don't know how it's possible, but this dog is even worse about veterinarians than Daisy was.  With Daisy, at least we could have a mobile vet treat her with no trouble, but this dog still freaks out whenever strangers come into the house.  I shouldn't have let the vet techs take her into the back without me for the shots.  I think it made things worse.  I don't like for them to take my dog out of my sight during an office visit unless it's absolutely necessary, but they invariably want to.  How do I know how the techs treat her behind closed doors?  I've even had some unpleasant experiences with vets under the same circumstances.  

All I know is that she regressed two years today into the fearful, traumatized dog I adopted.  She was extremely jumpy all evening.  We were sitting on the couch and heard what amounted to a scream come from the dining room.  A small painting had fallen off a mini-easel on the hall stand and spooked her, but I've never heard a sound like that come out of her since she's been with us.  I wish I knew what this dog went through before I adopted her.  Poor girl.  

She seemed rather distant from me tonight, preferring to lie on her dad's lap, which hurt my feelings big time.  I hope she isn't going to punish me like this every time I have to take her to the vet, and I hope she forgives me this time.  She's a smart, very sensitive dog, so I hope she hasn't lost trust in mean old Mommy who takes her to be tormented and get stuck with needles.  She's also a fat dog, according to the scale at the veterinary office.  Of course, it was hard to get an accurate reading with her struggling.  The vet said she's gained 11 pounds since July!!!  I was flabbergasted, especially since I've had her on diet food for months now.  We are going to have to drastically reduce her food intake, which will be difficult since she begs constantly for treats, and that's the problem.  But I would not want to cut short the life of my beautiful little dog, so I must harden my heart to her bassetly wiles.  



  • At 8:08 AM, Blogger howzerdo said…

    My basset hound, Sophie, shares many of your Peaches' characteristics. In fact, I can perfectly envision Peaches. Three years ago, I decided to find a different vet (not really because of Sophie, but because I had a beagle / collie, Rudy, who had cancer). I too hated the vet techs taking the dogs (or cats) in the back whenever they had to do even minor procedures. I found a tiny practice (one [female] vet for small animals [her husband is also a vet, he does horses], and one receptionist) where holistic and conventional medicine are practiced - and I am able to be there the whole time. Sophie can even stay on the floor during exams, rather than being lifted on the table. She still hates going (and hates Dr. Tina) but it is a big improvement and a lot less traumatic for her - and me!


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