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Friday, April 24, 2009

I went to the Pet Department Store today to buy Peaches a new toy to spark up her life.  I got her a Busy Buddy.  The medium size cost $9.99, which wasn't that bad when I noticed another similar toy in another brand that was about three times the cost.  It looks like a bone with a bouncy purple ball in the middle.  The bone ends screw off so you can fit on replaceable chewy disks.  When we came back from dinner, I saw evidence that Peaches had been gnawing on her toy in our absence.  The disks had ragged edges.  

Tonight on our walk, she seemed very outgoing, much more so than usual.  She walked right up nearly into neighbors' garages to greet them, which is very bold behavior for her.  She sat down while we chatted.  Only once did she cower and it's when a friend was showing my husband a long metal object.  I suspect Peaches may have had some abuse of some kind in her past, which could explain her fearful behavior.  I'm glad to see encouraging little signs that she is feeling more comfortable in the world and content with being an only dog, at least for a while.  She's even getting a little bossy with us.  She's a stubborn basset, after all.  Sometimes she seems to be channeling her predecessor, Daisy, who was the bossiest little bitch ever.  

A friend from out of town sent me photos of a beautiful male basset she located right in neighboring Carmichael.  He was predominantly black, like Peaches, and had the longest ears.  She found him on Craig's List.  I guess it pays to check on there every now and then, but I'd still prefer to rescue a dog from the shelter than pay someone a $100 rehoming fee who doesn't want to keep a dog for whatever reason.  That $100 would be better spent at the SPCA to help the discarded dogs that will end up there when they don't sell on Craig's List.  At least people are making some effort to rehome their pets before dumping them.  The most common reason given, by the way, is that the owner has to move and can't take the dog along.  Perhaps some of those are legitimate excuses, but I'm not sure I buy it in all cases.  I'd live in Tent City (if it still existed) before I'd part with my dog.  I do think that in these hard economic times, with so many people losing their jobs and homes, landlords should relax their NO PETS rules to help foreclosed families who don't want to surrender their pets.  Charge a cleaning deposit, but let renters bring their pets along with them, within reason.  That's why many wouldn't leave Tent City, because they didn't want to lose their pets.  



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