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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

I hope everyone had a merry Christmas or whatever holiday you celebrate in December. Bubba and I had our first white Christmas at Lake Tahoe, although the snow was rather sparse. The big storm that would dump a ton of snow was heading in just as we were heading out for home. I don't think Bubba likes the snow as much as Daisy did, though. She loved bounding through the snow, but Bubba doesn't like getting his feet wet. I suppose Santa Paws should have brought him some snow shoes, like he did Mom. I had a lot of fun trudging around the cabin on them. Great exercise!

Bubba is really more of a downtown hound and enjoyed window shopping at the new stores near Stateline and getting lots of attention from passersby. One young man with a thick French accent really made over him and said he has a black and white basset. One Frenchman greeting another--I loved it! Bubba's favorite store at South Tahoe is Two Dogs and a Cat. We took him there one day, and the next day when I was walking him down the sidewalk, he stopped at the door to the shop and just stood there looking inside and wagging his tail. Who says dogs don't have a good memory or that bassets aren't smart? I took the hint, opened the door, and let him go inside to do a little sniffing around. He was fussed over by patrons and staff and given his favorite treat, Dr. Becker's Bites. I bought him two bags full of them, because he's a real fan. Santa Paws also brought him a few treats, so Bubba's going to be living high off the rawhide chewy for quite some time.


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