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Monday, December 11, 2006

It's doggone hard finding time to blog this time of year. So much to do; so little time. I still haven't bought all the gifts or even gotten a Christmas tree up, mostly because I've been sick the past two weeks with bronchitis. This year I'm getting a smaller tree just for the animal ornaments I've collected over the years. I usually get a bigger tree, but I hate spending so much money on a dead tree and pulling out all those ornaments I have. This year I have a new one to add for Daisy. It will probably make me sad to put a tree up this year because she won't be there. She always liked to keep me company in the living room while I was decorating the tree. It was our thing. I have a photo of her when she was young, and she's lying under the tree with a red bow stuck on her head. She was such a pretty dog. I still miss her so much.

On the bright side, I thought I had found a young red and white female basset recently. I've had a weakness for them since I had my first basset hound, Butter, and my little Dolly, who was also the red and white variety. I saw this little dog listed in the Found ads of the newspaper. I called and put dibs on her if the owner didn't claim her. She was apparently found by a samaritan and turned into the veterinary hospital. They were fostering her until her owner could hopefully be located. The staff took my number and told me they had to wait for 30 days before releasing her for adoption, in case the rightful owner showed up. Fair enough. But when I called back a week or so later after not spotting the ad in the paper one day, I was told a staff member had adopted her. At first I let it go, but then I called them back and asked why I was told I had to wait 30 days to adopt the dog but they allowed someone on the staff to adopt her after I had requested to first. The manager admitted they shouldn't have done that and then tried to steer me off the dog by saying her spay surgery would cost more because she had an umbilical hernia. That wouldn't have made any difference to me. The truth is that they were not forthright with me about the dog, so it looks like I won't get a chance to adopt her. I suppose the most important thing is that she'll be homed for Christmas with a responsible owner, but I sure would have loved to adopt that dog.


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