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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

It's been a boo-ti-ful Halloween. We took Bubba trick-or-tree-ting downtown dressed in his Sherlock Bones costume. His treat was sniffing all the trees while we enjoyed looking at all the houses spooked up for the occasion. The posh Fab 40s area in East Sacramento draws people from all over the city just to see how they've decorated their homes for Halloween. They spare no expense, and some even have fog machines. Many of the houses look a bit spooky even without decorations. However, I don't think the displays this year were as spooktacular as last year's. Even so, it was fun to see all the kids (and adults and other dogs) out in their costumes. There were so many people, though, you could hardly navigate the sidewalks. I'm not sure how much Bubba enjoyed it because the kids were rowdy and screaming, and he's not used to that. He got a lot of attention, though. I heard lots of "awwwww's" and "Look at the weiner dog!" Not much different than any day with a basset hound, only you get a lot more of it when your basset is in a costume. Bubba has gained a little weight since the last time he wore his Sherlock cape. The strap would barely meet around his middle. Since we lost Daisy he's been getting a double share of treats. We must watch that because we don't want him developing any health problems.
Happy Howloween!


  • At 12:41 PM, Blogger Michelle said…

    I live on the other coast in North Carolina but we also have some amazing houses that were crazy creepy decorated for Halloween. So, we took the dogs out walking dressed up in their costumes - Domino as Elvis and Storm as Batman - and their custom-made Halloween colored, orange and black Fashion-Hound collars and leashes! They were the talk of the town and we all had a great night of trick or treats!


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