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Monday, November 13, 2006

It's been raining all day, and the whole house smells like wet dog. I suppose to most people that might be an unpleasant smell but not to me. Because if your house has that wet dog pong it means that you love your dog enough to let him in the house at all times, even when he's wet and smelly. I just hope Bubba dries out completely before bedtime.

I saw a female basset in the pound last week. She's a tri-color, five years old. I put my name on her list. She's available starting tomorrow, so I will go back to see her and get better acquainted, weather permitting. She was a stray, so her owners may have reclaimed her. I do hope so, because I could tell she was pining for them. Every time someone came past the kennel, she would dash outside to see if it was THEM. When she saw it wasn't, she'd retreat back inside and lie on her bedding until the next passerby appeared. That's how all pound puppies spend their days--looking for the one who usually never appears.


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