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Friday, November 17, 2006

I was compelled to go back to the city pound today to see if the basset, "Daisy," was still there. If so, I was prepared to adopt her if only to get her out of that place. When I went to her cage, she was gone. I felt a mixture of relief and disappointment when I found out that she was adopted yesterday. I hope she got a loving home. I'm sure she was a good girl, just not quite the right girl for me, I felt.

I think I'm just going to stop searching for another dog for the time being. I have books to write and Bubba to dote on, and we are bonding more each day. We were unable to do that very well when Daisy was alive because she was so demanding of my undivided attention and bullied him so. If and when the time is right for another dog in my life, I trust he or she will come along with no effort on my part.


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