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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Day 5
Daisy sent the noisy goshawk to wake me this morning. She was making such a racket outside my window, I had no choice but to get up even though I didn't want to, as would also have been the case with Daisy's noise every morning. This morning I tried to engage Bubba in his walk, playing his favorite game, "roll out the bagel," and I also tried to get him to come out in the front garden with me. He wasn't having any of it. Of course, it was already getting warm outside, but even when I placed the chaise mat beside me in the shade and leashed him to my chair, he still only wanted to go back inside. I just let him do his thing and didn't force him to do anything he didn't want to. All in his own good time. I sometimes wish dogs had cartoon thought bubbles over their heads so you could read what they are thinking. I sure do wish it with Bubba right now. Is he thinking about Daisy as much as I am? Does he miss her as badly? How did he really feel about her? I guess I'll never know for sure since I'm not bow-lingual.

Today was busy, so I was happily distracted from grieving about Daisy; well, mostly. A friend sent a beautiful sympathy card, and I started crying right in Java City where I was reading it. I also missed seeing her waiting for me in the garage, but I was surprised to hear barking coming from inside the house. It was Bubba! He hasn't uttered a "word" since she died, until today. Tonight Bubba came to life like I haven't seen since Daisy left us. He was barking that rich, deep baritone bark of his and wanting me to play with him. He went to town on his Dentabone and challenged me to play keepaway with it, which I was only too glad to do. He was acting like a pup again. It did my heart such good to see him that way and helped me not to miss Daisy so much this evening. She was Yang to his Yin, and things still seem unbalanced and incomplete without two dogs, but perhaps it won't be so bad having an only dog, after all.


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