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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Daisy is still with us. She's far outlasted what the vet told us we could expect after her diagnosis of cancer last November. I didn't imagine she would ever make it all the way to June, and her quality of life has been amazingly good. Daisy May has survived beyond the month she is named after, and I'm so glad to still have my chocolate-eyed girl with me. As the song goes, she gives me a Daisy a day. She is also teaching me to appreciate each day we are given. Dogs don't look ahead; they don't look back. They live in the moment. If only we could all learn to do the same.

My first nonfiction book was released on June 1, which is entitled, "What's Your Dog's IQ?--How to Determine if your Dog is an Einstein and What to Do if He's a Scooby Doo." It was a tough, stressful project, and I'm glad it's finally out in print. It was worth all the effort, though, because I think it's turned out well. It's a fun read, and I hope people will enjoy it.

"Sirius About Murder" received a great review from Sharon Katz at Reviewing the Evidence ( She says, "Once again author Sue Owens Wright has crafted a top-notch cozy filled with lots of humor and love....Wright is a pro at writing about people and their relationships with their animal companions." I couldn't ask for a better review of my dog lover's mystery, and by someone named Katz. ;-)


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