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Monday, December 19, 2005

The 4th of July is No Picnic for Pets
Originally posted: Thursday, June 30, 2005, 07:26 PM

Unlike us, dogs don't get a bang out of the 4th of July, unless it's the bang of the kennel door slamming closed at the dog pound. Because of a dog's sensitive hearing, it can become frightened by the noise and escape from the yard. Even if they are not struck and killed in traffic, many never find their way back home. Keep your pet safe on the 4th. If your dog is terrified by fireworks, keep it far away from them or get a sedative from your veterinarian. It'll be a happier holiday for everyone.

The ASPCA offers the following tips to keep your pets safe and sane on the 4th:

* Do not apply any sunscreen or insect repellent product to your pet that is not labeled specifically for use on animals. Ingestion of sunscreen products can result in drooling, vomiting, diarrhea, excessive thirst and lethargy. The misuse of insect repellent that contains DEET can lead to neurological problems.

* Always keep matches and lighter fluid out of your pets' reach. Certain types of matches, for example, contain chlorates, which could potentially damage blood cells and result in difficulty breathing.

* Keep your pets on their normal diet. Any change, even for one meal, can give your pets severe indigestion and diarrhea. And keep in mind that foods such as onions, chocolate, coffee, avocado, grapes & raisins, salt and yeast dough can all be potentially toxic to companion animals.

* Loud, crowded fireworks displays are no fun for pets, so please resist the urge to take them to Independence Day festivities. Instead, keep your little guys safe from the noise in a quiet, sheltered and escape-proof area at home.

For more tips on how to keep your animal companions safe and sound this upcoming Independence Day weekend, please visit ASPCA online.


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