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Monday, December 19, 2005

I Found Your Dog
Originally posted: Wednesday, May 25, 2005, 05:11 PM

I found your dog today. No, he has not been adopted by anyone. Most of us who live out here own as many dogs as we want. Those who do not own dogs do so because they choose not to.

I know you hoped he would find a good home when you left him out here, but he did not. When I first saw him he was miles from the nearest house and he was alone, thirsty, thin and limping from a burr on his paw. How I wish I could have been you as I stood before him. To see his tail wag and his eyes brighten as he bounded into your arms, knowing you would find him, knowing you had not forgotten him. To see the forgiveness in his eyes for the suffering and pain he had known in his never-ending quest to find you.

But I was not you, and despite all my persuasion his eyes saw a stranger he did not trust. He would not come. He turned and continued his journey - one he was sure would bring him to you. He does not understand you are not looking for him. He only knows you are out there. He only knows he must find you.
This is more important than food or water or the stranger who can give him these things. Persuasion and pursuit seemed futile.

I did not even know his name. I drove home, filled a bucket with water and a bowl with food and returned to where we had met. I could see no sign of him, but I left my offering under the tree where he had sought shelter from the sun and a chance to rest. You see, he is not of the wild. When you domesticated him you took away any instinct of survival out there.

His purpose demands that he travel during the day. He doesn't know that the sun and the heat will claim his life. He only knows that he has to find you. I waited hoping he would return to the tree, hoping my gift would build an element of trust so I might bring him home, remove the burr from his foot, give him a cool place to lie and help him understand that the part of his life with you is now over.

He did not return that morning, and at dusk the water and food were still there untouched. And I worried. You must understand that many people would not attempt to help your dog. Some would run him off. Others would call the pound or police and the fate you thought you


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