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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Day 4
Bubba was sick last night. He stayed out in the back yard a long time eating grass and throwing up. He deposited big grassy donuts on the patio. His belly felt distended, which worried me because his symptoms were a lot like those of bloat, a common ailment in bassets and some other large dog breeds. We lost our first basset, Butter, to bloat at age 12 1/2. Bubba's 10 years old, and that's when bassets typically start to decline. I gave him numerous droppers full of simethicone to dispel the gas and soothe his stomach. Finally, it worked, but it seems to take more simethicone each time this happens, which is also how it went with Butter. He's been fine all day and there was no repeat of it tonight. I have to be very careful what I feed him in future. The least little variation in his supper menu causes trouble. I just can't lose another dog so soon after Daisy. I hope this is not going to be a repeat of 1995, when I lost three bassets in the span of 10 months to various ailments. That was dog hell. I think he may have also been upset about Daisy, which might have triggered the incident. I know exactly how he feels.

This morning was terrible. I miss Daisy most in the mornings, and I miss so many little things about her all through the day. A piece of beef fell out of my sandwich at lunch, which she would have been at my side in a flash begging me to hand over to her. She'd also have been begging for some of the crispy skin off the chicken I cooked for dinner. Mostly, I miss whenever I come home and she's not at the garden gate or in the garage or house barking a welcome.

My spirits improved as the day progressed, until this evening when I went with my parents to visit my brother's first wife in the hospital. Shalita has stage 3 ovarian cancer, and they just discovered two malignant tumors in her brain. They are removing the other one tomorrow. She looked very ill and weak. I'm worried for her. She's 47 and has two children, one only 10 years of age. He looked upset. That quickly put my problems into perspective. I wish they would hurry up and find a cure for this rotten disease, for people and dogs alike.

The goshawk that appeared in the tree near my window a few days before Daisy died has returned. A harbinger, perhaps? I was feeling sad about Daisy this morning and suddenly heard the loud kak-kak-kak of the raptor outside my window. I glanced to see her sitting on the fence peering through the window at me. I like to believe it was a sign sent from Daisy, not unlike the mourning doves and hummingbirds that visited me shortly after Dolly and Patti passed. Wouldn't you just know that Daisy would send a noisy, aggressive messenger to let me know she's okay?


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