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Monday, June 26, 2006

Day 2 wasn't much easier than Day 1 without my dear Daisy. Mornings and evenings are the toughest because that's when my daily routines with her occurred. Morning cuddles and walks in the park, evening feedings and Beggin' Strips and chicken chewies, sitting in the front garden watching dogwalkers go by and her barking at the fence as they did. I never thought I'd miss that loud, obnoxious bark of hers, but do I ever! As I was slicing ham and cheese for our dinner salad, I expected to see her at the kitchen entrance, barking and begging. She so loved her chee-chee. I tossed a piece of it, as I would have if she were there, knowing Bubba would find it later. There are so many little things that I miss about her. I could write a book. Perhaps someday I will.

We gave Bubba a lot of attention today; although he moped around most of the day, much like his mom. This evening he seemed to come to life, wanting to take his walk and play The Biscuit Game. I took him down to the river, and he saw a jack rabbit dart into the underbrush. He wanted to take off after it, but it was long gone. A nice breeze came up this evening and cooled everything down. It made our river walk pleasant. I only wish Daisy could have been enjoying it with us. I miss having two dogs. The pack seems a bit underpopulated now. I'm sure she's enjoying green pastures and gentle breezes across Rainbow Bridge. And she's probably whipping all the other dogs at the Bridge into shape, asserting her dominance as she always did here. She's no doubt the alpha dog in heaven, too. Tonight Mom said that when I get there, the angels will say, "Thank goodness she's finally here to control this dog." Goodnight, my dear Daisy, wherever you are.


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