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Thursday, September 18, 2014


I have a new bed, which I love, but Peaches hates it.  It's a Create-a-Bed wall unit (like the Murphy bed I had before). It lifts up out of the way during the day, and it's so much easier to lift and wonderfully comfy to sleep on.  I'd forgotten what a restful night's sleep feels like.  The only problem is that it's a higher profile bed than before.  Peaches doesn't want to climb up or even use the doggy steps like she did.  

She has always been a strange dog and freaks out when anything new is introduced into her environment.  Suffice to say she doesn't accept change well.  It's perfectly understandable when you consider that my poor little girl had more than enough disruption in her first three years of life.  Even after all these years, she's still damaged by whatever happened in her past, and I know it wasn't good.  But I still want her to learn to sleep on my new bed.  

I made things worse by trying to lead her up onto the bed.  She fought me like a tiger, shot out of the bedroom and wouldn't come back.  You can't make that dog do anything she doesn't want to do.  I am hoping that after a while she'll adjust to the change in my sleeping quarters and will still climb up for her morning cuddle with Mom, at least.  I would miss that!  I still have a few tricks to try, like putting her blanket on top of mine, so her scent is on the bed again.  The factory new smell of my Beautyrest mattress and bedding may also be confusing to her.  Peaches' sense of hearing may not be what it was, but there's nothing wrong with her nose. 


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