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Monday, March 31, 2014


Here's one of my favorite uplifting musical compositions, Petite Symphonie by Charles Gounod, with some beautiful Impressionist scenes to appreciate as you listen.  The third movement is where I can picture a pack of basset hounds bounding joyfully through the countryside at a field trial.  We saw one once in Fairfield, where people had gathered with the most magnificent hounds to watch them track rabbits (I don't recall that they found any).  Never before had I seen this breed so happy to be doing what they were bred to do.  

The instruments being played in Petite Symphonie are bassons; note the root of the word, bass, as in basset?  Well, of course I know bass means low, but do you suppose the composer could have had baying basset hounds in mind when he wrote this piece of music? Might he have had bassets of his own that inspired him to create it?  My own dogs have certainly inspired my creativity. 

I often write to music, which sparks my imagination. What does this music bring to mind for you?  

Happy Monday!  Happy Spring! Carpe Diem! 


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